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We are a doctor-owned, doctor-led, and doctor-governed private equity partnership

that flips the script on the traditional DSO model

Why Phase 1 Equity

Phase 1 Equity is a doctor-member private equity firm for orthodontists and pediatric dentists. Our platform is owned by our doctor members, governed by our doctor-majority board of directors, and managed by our doctor-led committees – meaning doctors retain complete control. By partnering with like-minded, entrepreneurial doctors wo want to invest in their practices, together we’re building a doctor-centric opportunity to reap private equity-style rewards.

Our unique Doctor Equity™ model and governance structure

Doctor Equity™ model

Phase 1 was created for doctors who want to invest in themselves. Unlike typical DSOs, when partnering with Phase 1, orthodontists and pediatric dentists forgo the early payout; instead, they merge and become owners and shareholders of the platform. Together, we grow our group and grow our individual EBITDA, and when the time is right, we collectively sell to a private equity buyer chosen by our doctor members. At that transaction, each doctor capitalizes their pro-rata share of the private equity-sized return.

Unique governance structure

Our governance model is the only one in the industry with a doctor-majority board of directors and doctors chairing 100% of the platform’s management committees. This means that doctors are in complete control of all clinical and business decision-making at both the practice and platform levels.

The Phase 1 difference

Our unique approach focuses on preparing our member practices for a collective private equity sale, so doctors become the private equity investors and receive the private equity-style multiple.

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